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Kyiv branch

The VIST GROUP companies was established in 1995 in Shostka, Sumy region. For such a long and successful period of life, the Company has already had a number of completely different, stable and perspective areas in trade and manufacturing.

Exclusively presenting 16 own brands in Ukraine, the VIST GROUP leads an active trade policy in the hand building tools market. The pride of the company - the range of over 4 500 products. The products, of brands we represent, satisfy the customers' and consumers' demands and wishes in absolutely different price segments. The Company Vist also pays a lot of attention and contributes to the promotion of the quality products of national manufacturers.

Odesa branch

Being open to collaboration, we provide loyal and attractive working conditions to our constant partners - system of discounts and payment, delivery and merchandising, package offers and qualified manager's consultation. Individual approach is what our clients and partners appreciate most of all. Thanks to our own production, Vist Group has the opportunity to realize the most unreal clients' requests. Lots of our brands, such as Favorit, Technics, Spitce, Verano, confidently took and hold the leading positions at the market, and are demanded by the consumer. Offering a comprehensive supply and service of a wide product range to our partners, the company reduces the cost of working with a large base of suppliers.

L'viv branch

Our documentation is clear and transparent. We enable our partners to change the structure of their range at the point of sale depending on market conditions - and always help clients to invest only in highly-wrap products of the region. We deliver the order to any area in Ukraine, to the sale point door by means of our own transport. We assist our partners to place the products in sales area and we also provide trading equipment.

Dnipro branch

Confidently following our own way, not stopping on what we have achieved, making new and new trails, conquering the most ambitious goals and lofty peaks, we develop ourselves, our staff, our product portfolio. Searching for the best ways to satisfy customers' and consumers' wishes, keeping abreast of time, we improve service, expand assortment by adding new groups and brands.

Plan, work, enjoy the results of your work - and We, Your Vist Group, know how to deliver the tools for your work!