In the catalogue of the New-vist store you can find the following sets of drills:

  • Set of drills on a tree;
  • A set of feather drills;
  • Set of drills on metal;
  • Set of drills for installation of the lock;
  • Set of drills on concrete, metal, wood;
  • Set of ring typesetting drills on a tree;
  • Set of woodcutters;
  • Set of drills and bits;
  • Set of drills on metal “Profi”.

To make the right choice, you just need to visit the New-vist store. Here you can pick up hand tools and consumables of high quality at affordable prices.

Buying a product in the New-vist store, you can be sure of its quality, reliability and durability. Our company offers any buyer to buy goods at an affordable price in bulk.


Metal drills

sverla po metaly

Drills on HSS metal with a titanium covering, made of high-speed steel (HSS) with a cylindrical shaft. Used for drilling thick sheets of structural steel and other metals.

Elongated drill on metal, used for drilling holes in steel and steel alloys (lightly alloy and refractory), gray cast iron, wrought iron, metal-ceramic alloys based on iron.

The cobalt metal drill is used for drilling holes in high-alloy metals, as well as stainless, refractory and acid-resistant steels.

White drill on HSS metal, high-quality high-speed steel, designed for drilling holes in steel and cast iron.


Drills for concrete

sverdla po betony

The drill designed to make holes in various materials by performing translational and rotational movements. This type of drill was invented for drilling in concrete, brick, natural and artificial stone and other materials.


Drills on wood

sverdla po derevy

A wood drill bit is used to drill holes in wood, plywood and particleboard.

Spiral drill on wood, elongated, is used for drilling holes in wood, plywood and particleboard to great depths.

The type-setting drill is used for drilling of openings in a tree, plywood and a chipboard on big depth. This type of drill is designed to obtain through holes of different depths and large diameters.

The confirmation drill, thanks to the form makes openings of the special form under a confirmation screw. This drill consists of two parts – a spiral drill on a tree and a nozzle which drills a chamfer under confirmatic fastening.


Drills for glass and tiles

sverdla po sklu

Glass and ceramics are quite fragile material, so when choosing a tool to work with such material, special attention should be paid to the choice of consumables: it shall make the work of the master safer.


Drill sets


In the catalog of the New-vist store you can find the following sets of drills: a set of drills for wood, spiral; for wood, spiral, extended; for wood, feathery; a set of ring type-setting drills for wood; sets of wood cutters; sets of drills for metal; a set of drills for concrete, metal, wood, etc.


Drills and chisels SDS +


In the catalog of the New-vist store, you can always choose for yourself high-quality hand tools and consumables at affordable prices from brands such as HAUER and SPITCE.

In assortment: SDS + drills, SDS + drills, SDS + chisels.


Cutting disks on metal

dusku po metaly

TM TECHNICS in the range represents the tool which is necessary for construction, metalwork, sanitary, auto-metalwork, facing works. It is a functional tool with an optimal ratio of quality and price.


Cutting disks on a stone

dusku vidrizni po kamenyu

The cutting disk on a stone, granite, or on concrete is made of high-quality steel. The cutting discs presented in the company’s range are characterized by a high working life, having no end and radial beats. They are also designed for cutting natural and artificial stone, refractory bricks and concrete.


Grinding disks for metal

dusku shlifyval'i po metaly

The metal grinding wheels presented in the company’s range are characterized by high productivity, wear resistance, have first-class grinding characteristics, maximum safety and convenience during work. Destined to clean metal surfaces from rust, scale, burrs and more. Such disks have a high working life, lack of end radial beating. Designed for use with CGM.


Diamond disks

dusku almazni

Diamond disk has been widely used in construction. This consumable tool is used with angle grinders, designed for cutting various hard and durable materials. It is used for such materials as concrete, stone, marble slab, brick, porcelain, cobblestone, and others.


Saw disks

dusku pul'ni

When using disks, we get a smooth edge, with minimal cost and time saving. Suitable for work both in the household purposes, and in professional spheres.

Saw blades are necessary for high-quality wood processing, sawing wood into rails and trimming the workpiece. Is used in working with plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, wood (longitudinal and transverse cuts), laminate and non-ferrous metals (usually aluminum).




To perform complex work on creating holes in different materials, use crowns: a device designed for drilling recesses for sockets and electrical switches, lighting fixtures, for drilling through holes etc.

Tungsten-carbide crowns are able to drill not only concrete or brick, but also ceramic tiles; are the most versatile.


Blades for electric jigsaws

Polotna dlya elektrolobzukiv

An electric jigsaw is an indispensable tool to perform woodwork. When buying an electric jigsaw, be sure to purchase consumables such as electric jigsaw blades. The choice of blades is huge, individual in each case, depends on the specific task.


Taps and dies

Mitchuku i plashku

The tap is a special tool designed for cutting various metals. It is used to cut internal threads on the workpiece.

The die, as well as the thread cutter, is one of the cutting tools. The die is a metalwork tool that has the form of a nut with through holes, inside of which there is a cutting part, an edge and teeth for performing external threading. The diameter of each die corresponds to the generally accepted standard of openings.


Abrasive and grinding tools

Abrazuvnuy instrument

Abrasive grinding tools are used for grinding and trimming hard metals, when performing work related to metalworking, woodworking, working with stone, resins and more. The range of our abrasive grinding tools includes: grinding wheels; end petal circles; cleaning circles, nylon; brushes; brushes on metal; abrasive nets, tapes; sandpaper; grinding sponges; grinding wheels, graters; grindstones, sets of grinders, and also CGM / drill adapters etc.