Vumiryuval'nuy instrument

Measuring tools are used in many industries: in construction, mechanical engineering, design, scientific laboratories and, above all, in different spheres of ordinary human life. With the help of a high-quality and high-precision measuring instrument, it is possible to measure various characteristics of objects, such as size, volume, shape, level and much more. On the New-vist website you can choose and buy in bulk various measuring instruments which will satisfy not only needs of an amateur, but also the professional. In the range of the New-vist store the measuring instrument is presented in the following sections:

  • Levels;
  • Roulettes;
  • Rulers and meters;
  • Measuring tapes and more.

Contact the managers of the New-vist store, they will be happy to help with the choice, and will advise on all issues.




The level is an indispensable tool during repair and construction, however, it will also be useful in household tasks during installation of wardrobes, bedside tables and shelves etc. This tool allows you to determine accurately even minor deviations of the surface from the horizontal or vertical.




Roulette can be used to measure the length, width and height of objects, as well as marking work.


Rulers and meters

Liniyku i metru

In the range of the New-vist store, you can choose the most suitable measuring instruments. In this section you will find: meters, corners, rulers, calipers, conveyor, micrometer etc.


Measuring tapes

Strichka vumiryuval'na

Measuring tapes are one of the most commonly used devices for measuring length in everyday life and in construction.