Malyarc'kuy instrument

Painting work of any complexity, such as whitewashing, wall decoration, impregnation, etc., requires a professional painting tool.

New-vist offers only the best and professional tool wholesale.

On our website you shall find whatever painting tool you need. There are:

  • Brushes and poppies;
  • Sets of brushes;
  • Rollers;
  • Mini rollers;
  • Rollers with handle;
  • Aeration rollers;
  • Clamping rollers;
  • Rollers for ceilings and corners;
  • Handles for rollers;
  • Cuvettes;
  • Construction plump lines;
  • Construction pencils;
  • Mason’s veins;
  • Marking cords and paints;
  • Buckets and basin;
  • etc.

The leaders in the Ukrainian market, among reliable and at the same time affordable painting tools, are such brands as: FAVORIT and COLORADO.

Our painting tools are usually used at the final stages of finishing and repairing workings. All goods are designed for both craftsmen and amateurs in home renovation. The specialists of our company regularly test all painting tools and prepare video reviews of them.

By that you will learn:

  • how to choose the right tool for different painting works, what to pay attention to;
  • the main characteristics of the tool that affect the quality and speed of work in painting;
  • the main differences of the tool, etc.

Our goods are destined to save not only your time, but also your money and strengths!




A paint roller is a paint application tool used for painting large flat surfaces rapidly and efficiently. It usually is used at the very end of all painting works and that’s why it is that important to have exclusively qualitative tool that can give you an excellent finish. Here you can find all sorts of rollers you have ever dreamed of.


Handles for rollers

Ruchki dlya valukiv

A handle – is an accessory that can either make your painting experience nice and easy or make it as horrible as even possible. Our handles are definitely the first-ones in making your life easier by being convenient and comfortable.




Another accessory. This one is not that indispensable, however, if you’d go for a smooth and uniform paint coat, you are definitely in need of this thing. Which, actually is very important in terms of distributing paint evenly, both on the roller and the surface.


Construction plump lines


The plumb bob or plumb line  is a weight suspended from a string and used as a vertical reference line to ensure a structure is centered. It employs the law of gravity to establish what is “plumb” (that is, what is exactly vertical, or true). Our company offers any customer to buy goods at an affordable price in bulk.


Construction pencils

Olivci bydivel'ni

A pencil that has much stronger body than the ordinary one and, regarding to its type, can write at different surfaces from stone and glass to plywood. Our company offers any customer to buy goods at an affordable price in bulk.


Painter’s line

Julku mylyara

The main purpose of this type of product – a reflection of the foundation laying. It is made from plastic, designed to mark. Our company offers any customer to buy goods at an affordable price in bulk.


Marking cords and paints

Shnyru rozmichyval'ni

It is also kind of a simple line, however this one is not only for foundation laying having some paint inside of the little box to make that plastic mark surfaces. Our company offers any customer to buy goods at an affordable price in bulk.


Buckets and basins


This category covers all possible spheres of building, since buckets and basins are probably the most basic good in the whole catalogue. However, we have like a dozen types of these things, so you’ will definitely find something the most convenient here. Our company offers any customer to buy goods at an affordable price in bulk.


Brushes and poppies


Here they are the most important tools in this category. We can offer a colossal range of them for the painting work of any complexity and for all sorts of paints and varnishes. Our company offers any customer to buy goods at an affordable price in bulk.


Sets of brushes

Naboru penzliv

It is not always that easy to find and buy all brushes you need and since we are aware of this, in our catalogue you will find different sets of tools you can use all together in a suitable situation.


Mini rollers


These rollers are made for those places an ordinary roller cannot reach. Moreover, not always there is a need in big size of tool in general. Our company offers any customer to buy goods at an affordable price in bulk.


Rollers with a handle

Valuku z rychkoyu

It is not always convenient to buy roller and a handle separately, since there might be a certain problems with that: a handle does not fit the roller, it is not in stock, it is not that suitable etc. Anyway, we know how to make it easier, so in here there are rollers with handles already to buy at an affordable price in bulk.


Aeration rollers

Valuku aeraciyni

Aeration rollers look like ordinary ones, but there are needles instead of the usual fur coat or foam rubber on the plastic cylinder, so they are also called needle rollers and were Invented to simplify any work with self-leveling floors. The thing is that when the special mixture is poured down little air bubbles remain in there and can lead to cracks and unevenness and this aeration roller is needed to let them out.


Clamping rollers

Valuku prutuskni

The cylinder of the clamping or a wallpaper roller does not have a fur coat. This type of hand-held painting tool is used for pressing or squeezing. It is convenient to work with such materials as wallpaper, a cardboard, thin sheets of a chipboard and other building materials. Well, the purpose of it is in smoothing wallpaper is already glued to the wall.