The metalwork tool can be divided into several groups: percussion, cutting, fastening-clamping, hinged-sponge.

For processing and grinding of wooden and metal surfaces are:

– Files, sets of files.

For work with metal to 10 mm use the hinged and sponge metalwork tool:

– Pliers, side cutters, pincers, nippers;

– Scissors on metal;

– Pin cutters, pipe cutters;

Among the fastening and clamping tools can be distinguished:

– The lens;

– Clamps, sets of clamps;

– Trumpet and adjustable wrenches;

The percussion instrument usually deforms the material, to change its shape. This instrument is also used during installation/dismantling, repair or on a construction site. In this group we should highlight:

– Mallets;

– Hammers, picks;

– Sledgehammers;

– Axes;

– Breaks and chisels;

There is also a tool for connecting (disconnecting) threaded connections and replaceable working nozzles of prefabricated metalwork and assembly tools:

– Wrenches, wrench sets;

– Collars, rattles;

– Extension cord, adapters;

– Sets of heads

The tools of the locksmith should also include screwdrivers (flat and cross slot, percussion and dielectric) and nozzles (25mm, 50mm, 65mm, 100 mm with different types of slot).

Joiner’s tools are usually used for woodworking:

– Saws, hacksaws, mitter boxes, hacksaw blades;

– Chisels, sets of chisels;

– Planes;

– Clamps, sets of clamps.

The main advantages of our tool are:

  • extended service life;
  • ease of use;
  • ergonomic handles;
  • security;
  • high strength;
  • universality;
  • nice price.

We offer a quality tool at an affordable price.




A mallet is a tool that bears a resemblance to a carpenter’s hammer, used in the manual processing of stone or wood, and is usually used when laying paving slabs. Mallets have different types, so could be: with a rubber head or classic wooden.


Hammers, picks

molotki, kirki

Joiner’s hand tools are used both in everyday life and professionally. In this section we offer to choose hammers and picks. The hammer is a hand tool designed for driving nails, bending sheet metal, used in carpentry, metalwork and roofing. The hammer-pickaxe is an elongated striker on one side, and a straight narrowed nape on the other side. It is used for performance of construction, plaster works, for work with a stone and a firm ground.




A sledgehammer is a hand tool that consists of 2 parts: a metal striker and a handle. The peen is made of hardened steel. Hardening gives the working part high strength and wear resistance, so it is not prone to deformation in contact with hard surfaces. Sledge hammers are used when it is necessary to exert a large force of impact, for example, when destroying walls, dismantling structures, for driving reinforcement, metal correction, driving columns, crushing stone and others.




This section presents axes, ice axes. The ax has a wide range of applications – firewood cutting, construction, meat processing, hiking and more. The carpenter’s ax is considered universal, it is applied to rough processing of wood (felling, trimming) at performance of joiner’s or carpentry works. The tourist ax has the small sizes thanks to what is convenient for transportation, is applied to firewood preparation, and also in work which does not demand professional processing of wood. The ax is intended for splitting firewood and wood. It is distinguished from the classic ax by its large mass, long handle and unusually shaped wedge-shaped blade.


Scraps and chisels


Scrap – a hand-held construction tool, used for splitting solid objects, stone, asphalt, ice, often used to lift or transfer weight over a short distance, dismantling various structures, etc. Is a forged metal rod that has high strength and durability. Nail scrap is used to remove and remove unnecessary nails, construction staples, when dismantling building materials. This hand tool has a long thin shape with a pointed V-shaped end, the deepening of which is captured by the nail cap. Chisel – a manual construction tool for cutting solid materials, used in a wide range of works: cutting reinforcement, finishing masonry, laying channels in concrete structures, etc.


Saws, hacksaws, mitter boxes, hacksaw blades

pulu, nojivku, stusla

A saw is a hand-held cutting tool that has a metal blade with teeth and a handle. The main purpose of this tool – sawing of preparations of the average sizes from wood of soft and firm breeds, a chipboard, plywood, plastic and metal. Stuslo is a tool thanks to which it is possible to make exact cuts of details both exactly, and at necessary angles. It is used when sawing rails, ceiling plinths, cornices and more.


Files, sets of files


The file is a metalwork tool consisting of a metal bar with notches and a handle. It is used to clean surfaces from rust, to give shape to parts, as well as for grinding. The tool can be designed to work on both wood and metal, differs in size, shape and type of notches. Notches have a small number of teeth, provide high cutting speed. Small notches, which have a large number of teeth, allow you to perform precise machining of parts. Rasp – a tool that is designed for rough cleaning of flat, round and curved surfaces of wooden products.




A vise is a device designed to fix parts, objects, workpieces, and more. There are: metalwork, pipe and machine tools. Locksmith vices are universal, are used when carrying out a wide range of works: welding, elimination of defects, polishing, milling, drilling, grinding, etc. This device simplifies the work process and does not require the participation of several masters. According to the type of mounting, metalwork vices are divided into stationary, swivel and removable. In stationary vices the workpiece and details are fixed in one position, in rotary – it is possible to change an angle in the horizontal plane, removable can be fastened by means of a clamp on any working surface.


Chisels, chisel sets


This tool is used for carpentry and joinery: hardware cutting, door installation and quadruple sampling. The design of the chisel has a metal rod and a handle made of wood or plastic. When choosing, you should pay attention to the fact that chisels are of different types: flat, semicircular, angular, cerazici, gossip. Flat chisels can be used for cutting recesses, as well as leveling surfaces. Semicircular chisels, are used for planning of preparations, cutting of ornaments and at production of various openings. Angle chisels have two closed blade planes, located at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees, this chisel is used to cut V-shaped notches.




This tool is designed to level the surface of drywall, plaster and wood. The plane consists of the plastic or metal case on which the steel cloth with a cutting element is established. Its use allows you to gently remove excess cardboard to obtain smooth ends. The advantage of this product is its ease of operation.


Pliers, side cutters, pincers


You will be able to find: side cutters, snap ring remover, automatic pliers for removing insulation, universal and dielectric pliers, made of carbon steel, with a heat-treated work surface. Dielectric pliers are commonly used to work with parts and wire when there is a risk of electric shock.


Scissors on metal

nojuci po metaly

Metal scissors are usually divided into several types: roller, spring and carved. Roller shears have an all-metal construction, which is interconnected by a screw. In spring shears, the cutting part is connected to the handles by means of a hinged connector (as a result of which long work requires less effort). Carved scissors have a lever structure, with which the tool performs a passage in the metal without deformation of the surfaces (this type of scissors on the metal is designed for cutting sheet metal products, up to 1.2 mm thick.).


Pin cutters, pipe cutters


Pin cutters are: mechanical, hydraulic and electric. Mechanical pin cutters are used to make a straight cut in a straight line, hydraulic – help to create forces on the sponges up to 16 tons, while pin cutters with electric drive have high cutting characteristics. In appearance, this product resembles enlarged pliers with straight handles, their length depends on the force of the pliers.




This tool is used to unscrew and tighten screws and other parts with SL and PH tips. Impact screwdriver is used to unscrew and tighten screws and bolts (ideal for working with heavily tightened or rusted screws). The dielectric screwdriver is used with threaded connections under voltage up to 1000 V. The voltage indicator is intended for use of a wire break under isolation, check of work of household appliances.


Sets of heads and nozzles

naboru golovok i nasadok

Cracks are used for twisting or untwisting threaded connections. The working part of this tool is a ring on which internal surface there are faces by means of which capture of a head of fastening is carried out. End heads are used for twisting and unscrewing of fastenings. Among themselves, they differ in the size, the form of a working profile and length. Storekeepers use for installation and dismantle of end heads. Screwdrivers are used for unscrewing and twisting of fastening elements. Based on the set tasks there can be slotted, cross, reversible, shock, T-shaped, and also screwdrivers with bits.


Wrenches and wrench sets


The horn wrench is the tool working part which is made in the form of a horseshoe. It is made of strong Cr – V steel with a protective anticorrosive covering. This wrench is used for works with carving connections, as the internal side at it is faceted. Its surfaces are polished, also has a protective nickel coating. It is used for work with threaded connections, thanks to its design it is easier to work with a wrench in recesses. which can be both hexagonal and dodecahedral.


Trumpet and adjustable wrenches

kluch rozvidnuy

The adjustable key is made of strong qualitative steel with an anticorrosive covering. On the jaws of such keys the millimeter scale for adjustment of width of capture is put. Due to their adjustment, this type of key is universal, because one such key can replace a whole set for working with different fasteners. The pipe lever key is made of high-quality steel with the polished surfaces. Thanks to notches on sponges reliable capture is provided. You can use the nut to adjust the width of the grip. This key is suitable for various construction, repair, installation, as well as maintenance work. The lever wrench is one of the most versatile types of tools. The candle key is made of carbon steel with a T-shaped rubberized handle. Used for mounting and dismounting car spark plugs.


Cells, rattles


On the New-Vist website you will find: T-shaped cells, reverse rattles, screwdrivers holding heads. The ratchet is a wrench with a ratchet at the end and a connecting square for fixing the end heads. With this tool you can greatly simplify and speed up the task. The goods are made of high-quality steel Cr – V. Rattles in the sizes from 1/2 “to 3/8” are presented, and also differ in length, on the website of our New-Vist company you will find rattles from 115 mm to 250 mm long.


Extension cords, adapters


The cardan adapter is presented in the sizes from 1/2 “to 3/8”. Also in New-Vist you will find hinged adapters. They are made of the strengthened steel with a chrome-nickel covering. It is used for fastening of the tool with various connecting squares when working with threaded connections, also have the ball fixing mechanism. This type of goods is one of demanded types of an adapter. It is most often intended for direct cells, and also provides an opportunity of tightening of fastening elements with the big effort. for work with threaded connections in remote hard-to-reach places.




The heads are made of high-quality Cr – V steel, thanks to forging and hardening the even higher durability is provided and the working resource increases. Hardness of metal 42-46 HRC. Also this tool has antiskid notches. This tool is used for connection/disconnection of threaded connections by tightening/unscrewing nuts, bolts and other fasteners with the appropriate type of heads. The advantage of the hexagonal profile is good coverage of the fastener due to the larger area of ​​the contact spot. The use of this tool minimizes the load on the fastener.


Clamps, sets of clamps


In our range of goods you will be able to find clamps: joiner’s, joiner’s angular, quickly clamping, spring, tape, and also sets of clamps. The joiner’s clamp has a steel tire with corrugation. This clamp is used for rigid and reliable clamping of details at their pasting, fixing in a workbench when carrying out joiner’s and metalwork. The angular clamp has a spindle which is located at an angle of 90 degrees for two products of different or identical thickness.